A year ago - summer climbing in Oman.

Summer climbing in Oman? It's hard to believe. A year ago we visited the only summer crag in the region which hovers above the beautiful Sayq plateau, near to Jebel Akdar at 2100m. Reaching highs of only 30 degrees Celsius it's ideal as it beats the sweltering heat that suffocates the rest of the UAE and Oman.

Last year I took these pictures of the guys developing the crag and before anyone knew about it. It's a story about team work, beating the heat & getting out on the rock. Since then they have been training & eagerly awaiting summer (who would have thought?) to continue climbing and developing more routes. There has been a lot of interest from the local climbing community and I'm excited to be filming and photographing the guys climbing this coming weekend. We might even see a few sends, as well as Read Macadam working on the hardest sport climb in Arabia.


A huge thanks for everyone who took part in the bolting weekend last year, such a nice place, great experience and can't wait to record some first ascents.

T x