When you create something is it really yours?

I joined www.creativelive.com for a free online class with Sue Bryce and Lara Jade last night for their experimental portraiture and was totally blown away by their openness to share. They talked about their creative process and where they get their inspiration from (the kitchen oven, ceilings, floors, art, history, movies, you name it). I left the class feeling enamored by Sue's words about creating and it got me thinking ... In the role of being a creator, is anything we make truly original?

Creating is a continuous process; we are either inspired by other people's work or people are inspired by ours. (Think about the poses in a photograph, those acro yoga moves you wanted to try out, or even the colors in a painting.)

The idea is that we can either choose to hold on to what has inspired us to create and try own something that wasn't ours to begin with, or we can let go and share what we have learnt so that the cycle continues moving and inspiring others. Creating and sharing doesn't mean posting un-watermarked photos on the internet or stealing someone else's image and calling it our own, but an exchange of information, knowledge and inspiration.

Creative live and photographers like Lindsay Adler, Ryan Brenizer, Sue Bryce and Lara Jade (just to name a few), truly understand how this cycle of creativity works, and the next time we have an opportunity to share our creativity with others we should definatley ask ourselves why not?

x T