Remembering the old side of Dubai on UAE National Day

Having been born in the UAE almost 28 years ago, I always find myself drawn to the old parts of Dubai. I love how this incredible city started from such humble beginnings - originally a pearl fishing village and port; the city expanded from either side of the Deira Creek. The Creek is still very active and used as a gateway to the sea, for tourists to visit the old souk, and by big dhows as a stopping point to transport goods to and from places like Africa and Asia. Walking down the Deira side you can see all the big, beautiful wooden boats docked, and with crews from countries like India & Bangladesh, the dhows will make their way to their final destinations using old sea trade routes to deliver all sorts of consumer goods.


It was great to wander alongside the creek on the 43rd UAE National Day (2nd of December), and with a couple of friends visiting on their way to India I couldn't resist but to take the camera out on our walk.

I love taking little journeys like this. It makes you realise how much potential there is for a new photography project. I hope to go back down to the creek and take more photos of the dhows and their crews over the next few months to see where it leads me.
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