Its time to start looking at life not just as short stories, but as chapters of a whole book...

Recently I've had to take a step back from work and life. Somehow it's all felt a bit unconnected and out of sync. There is however, so much positivity you can take out of getting a birds eye view, getting some perspective and thus finding out what truly pulls you in, what speaks to you and keeps everything connected...

One of the pictures I took this summer whilst working on some small travel stories. Finale, Italy

I used to think that everything was separate. All the travel and adventure photography I do was different from the commercial and editorial work, which was also different from family shoots or portraits. I felt every job required a different version of me, and to some extent it does, (for instance you can't photograph a wedding like you're photographing food), but what I was loosing with all the different work was the core value to why I do it, the feeling that I was some one new every time. I was viewing my life in short stories rather than chapters in a book.

I've recently realised that everything is connected. Everything is relative, and for me the one thing that connects everything together is passion. The passion for learning, meeting new people, challenging myself and improving no matter in life or work. When we find ourselves disconnected from what we do we need to take a step back and look at things on the whole and find the thread that keeps everything bound together. The thread that weaves itself in and out of our spirits keeping us...well...inspired. 

Over the last few months, although i've found myself in many different places and environments within my editorial, commercial work and passion projects the one thing that has kept it all together is my passion for photography, people & life....What's yours?


A shoot I did for Culinary Boutique; a cooking school which will open on Jumeirah Beach road within the next few weeks.

An interior shot of Culinary Boutique.

Coverage for World Free Zones organisation conference in Dubai. Two lovely Emirates Air hostesses pose for a photo.

A speaker at the World Free Zones organisation conference in Dubai.

Interior shoot for Nayomi Salon in Ajman.

Behind the scenes shoot for TV personality Raya Abirached during her photoshoot on a private jet

Zucchini Noodles & Butternut Squash Raw Vegan. I've been working hard on a cookbook with @Healthyminime (instagram).

Mac Store shoot in Avenues Mall in Muscat, Oman

Sharjah Business Women's Council annual Suhoor gathering. 

Event photography for the IWC Ladies brunch over the summer.

Ryan racing takes out a competition winner on the Autodrome circuit in Dubai