Fall in love with everyone & every place you meet! Part 2 : Italy

From France I went to Italy. I reached out to acro community in both Milan and Genoa to be greeted with open arms. And so the spontaneous trip to Italy begun. A super cool chick called Monica put me up for a night on her sofa and we hung out with her friend Sara. I was held up in Malpensa airport so we didn’t get to acro jam but we had a nice bottle of wine which was gifted from my family and spent the night talking about their lives in Milan. They are both hilarious. Italians in general are so funny! ( I secretly think I was Italian in a former life) so glad I met them and can’t wait to reconnect! In the morning as we hung out on the steps of the Duomo Milano Cathedral (which boasts most of Tuscany's marble supply) they were trying to teach me Italian words & of course some rude hand gestures, and soon after I caught my train to Genova.

I initially wanted to see some of the coast which is why I looked at going to Genoa, I was also reaching out to highliners or slackliners to touch base with and soon found out that pretty much everyone was on holiday. I finally got through to a climber/ slack liner & acro monkey called Aaron who was awesome... possibly my favourite person on the trip. He took me to Nervi Park,

"Here we found a large number of exotic plants: agaves, palm trees of all kinds, cedars and Araucarias together with wonderful historic and majestic pines, olive trees and oleanders. It was a tree museum of species found on the French Riviera, I was in heaven.."

In Nervi we set up a 40m slack line around 2 m’s above the ground, Aaron was a great teacher and learnt a lot from him about the sitting cross legged approach to standing up. When it was getting dark we walked down to the coast - which was stunning and went swimming catching a stunning sunset...I'm in love with the French Riviera !

The next day we went climbing to a famous climbing area called La Finale and the rock here.. well, worth moving to Italy for. Lots of bouldery endurance style climbs 30-40ms and above. Stunning, stunning areas of grassy farm lands perching on hills meeting white lime stone walls as they surface from the Mediterranean forests, and the coast, wow…. I could go on ! 

We went to a beautiful cave called grotta dell'edera (finale ligure) which opens up to daylight with four cylindrical chambers after ascending through a cave, we climbed here for the afternoon after a lazy morning. The climbing here is solid and had my ass handed to me on a plate!

Thats me working on Bomolo a 6b in the grotto dell'edera, stunning route!

Giulio climbing a sturdy 6a warm up in the open roof cave.

After a warm afternoon of climbing with Aaron and Giulio we went to the sea, found a beach near Noli and saw the night settle in sharing a beer and chocolate and dreaming of italian icecream! Of course we couldn't resist  trying to give SWS (shallow water soloing) a go. Here is Aaron topping out on a slippery climb.

The following day I made arrangements with two acro yogis Valeria and Francesco who spear head the Acroyoga community (acroitalia on facebook) in the North of Italy to attend their workshop. They had just spent the last 20 days in Berlin for the advance acrobatic teacher training and was great to meet them and take part in something that made me feel close to home!

The acro yoga workshop took place in Hari om yoga school and these guys are the bee’s knees. They also plan to also run a week intensive in the middle of Italy - Orphielo worth having a look if you are interested! I really enjoyed the final days of my trip taking in the stunning italian country side and connecting with a like minded people getting my acro yoga on. I believe that life shouldn’t have any regrets, but if there is one it’s leaving Italy too soon! 

The beautiful Italian countryside

Thanks to everyone who gave me a couch;  Pinti Senior and Junior, Mitja & his parents, Katja, Monica, Aaron, Valeria & Franceso, those who shared their food, gave me home made jams and energy, and everyone I met who has inspired me to keep doing what I love during my trip to Europe in August. 

Big hugs and hope you enjoy the photos xx t

Good bye italia not for long I hope!