Breaking the fast

Growing up and living in Dubai most of my life I've seen a lot of Ramadans come and go, and in amongst all the glitz and glamour sits the quaint and bustling Satwa. Home and work to many different nationalities from Filipino to Persian to Pakistani and Indian this place has soul and heart and it's no surprise that a daily Iftar is organised here. With the food prepared off site, dished up in the car park of the Satwa bus station and organised by Mir Moosa, it allows those who have been fasting throughout the day to eat for free- regardless of class. 

It's almost summer here, temperatures are almost in their 40’s on the hotter days and just as the sun begins to set everyone is praying, washing and getting ready as they sit down with their food in front of them. Its hot and humid but there is also a large amount of patience and calmness in the air. Then there is silence,  watches are checked for the last time in anticipation, and as the Imam calls to prayer everyone breaks their fast. It's amazing to feel the energy in such a setting and to see first hand how the holy month of ramadan brings all kinds of people together. Amongst everything that goes on through the internet and social media it's always a pleasure to experience something first hand in a Muslim country - the solidarity, patience, gratefulness and respect. 

Here's to discovering the real Dubai, the real cultures of our world and the peace and good energy that comes with it.