Bennetton Shoot for Tuesday's Child

Last week - amongst all the madness with taking pictures of the UAE's biggest rope swing I drove back to Dubai to take pictures for Tuesday'schild & Benetton UAE at the Cove JBH. The brief was simple and elegant with a touch of family. I loved the location and it really felt homely but chic. James and Teddy were super stars, and having recently taken pictures for James' fourth birthday both of the boys were familiar with me which is a bonus when taking pictures of children early in the morning. Heidi looked fabulous as usual and when the boys changed into their cute little Benetton outfits; James' look was preppy & classic whilst Teddy was a bit more boho, we moved around the venue to find the nice soft light. The shoot ran smoothly and we quickly moved inside before they melted - even at 7am it was hot!

Hope you enjoy the images below, was super fun working with Heidi and her two little boys, and have always loved clothes from Benetton so it was no surprise when I saw that they both had little high tops- and Teddy's hat, totally adorable!

x T