Another level

Over the last few months I have found myself working for a diverse range of clients. From head shots to interiors to food, to finding myself on a beach in Zanzibar shooting for a wellness retreat (more to follow on that one!). All I know is that I love how diverse photography can be and this little blog post is about people! Not just any people but people who are making a name for themselves, talented individuals and professionals. People are awesome and photography should reflect that, who they are and what they do. Ok so corporate shoots can be a little dry but I like to give my own touch to them and work with the subject to create a feeling! My normal process is to work out 3 main lighting set ups for a half day shoot with changes in background, some coaching, breathing & visualisation exercises for the mind and of course; posing for the body, we all want to look good right? 

Heres a sneak preview at a few shoots I did over the last months.

First off was Selina Waterman Smith for the Apprentice, second was Michael Miebach for Mastercard Global and finishing off with Linked in Women's connect portraits for new linked in profiles. If you have any questions about the lighting and or boring technical stuff hit me up! I would love to share notes.

Will be posting a few more cooler images over the next weeks not just corporate stuff so keep your eyes peeled! To follow more of my adventure travels connect with me on Instagram: tap_photography.

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