Two Hungarian Hoopers and a crazy Acroyogini

Spending time in Budapest is awesome, especially in the summer. There's plenty of things to do and see including festivals, acro jamming, slack lining, hooping, rock climbing what more could an adventure chick like me ask for? 

When I wonder around a new city my head is often in the clouds or looking through the lens, which is great if you want to be just another tourist, and so during this trip I really made it my aim to connect with as many different communities in Budapest. With this in mind I did the research and found myself with an amazing opportunity to hang out with some of the movers and shakers in the Budapest acro, juggling, climbing and hooping scene. Not only did I find everyone here extremely generous and welcoming but also really interesting. I got involved with the juggling convention, learnt the basics of acrobatics, went climbing, attended an acro therapeutic flying course, and got my hula hoop on! Out of my adventures three really awesome ladies stood out to me - Anna, Nana and Reka. ( Reka being the crazy Acroyogini) . Each of these ladies has an awesome story - of which I will share with you soon on a new website I am launching towards the end of July- more to be revealed soon! So as a sneak preview, here they are hanging out with me, playing in various parks, buses and streets in Budapest !  


Enjoy x T  


Reka (Acroyogini teacher) showing off her massage skills.

Reka, me and Anna 

You can check out Anna at the Everness festival this year in Hungary- she's running the hoop workshops, and my word she has the moves - such an honour to hoop with her! 

Impromptu shoot with a pair of mannequin legs ?

One day out of every year Budapestian's are allowed to dump their second hand stuff on the street. One crazy Acroyogini, a pair of mannequin legs, time to kill- why not? 

Meet Nana - multiple super hooper 

All aboard Reka airlines. Reka likes to fly everyone she meets ! 

Anyone for Acroyoga Hooping ? 

Thanks to Nana for the hoops !