Climbing Wadi Tawaiyan

I went out last weekend and took the back up camera with me (60D with a wide 10-20 Tamron Lens) I just took a couple of shots of the guys climbing at Wadi Tawaiyan, in RAK just outside of Dubai.

I made a couple of my own Instagram inspired filters in light room to compensate for the contrast and give the photos that "instamatic" feeling, but overall I am looking to get an ND filter that will allow me to work between shadows and harsh light so the photos turn out great. I also felt the wide couldn't get me close enough to the climbers and will try my new 100mm next time. Saying that I did manage to  get a couple of good shots of Read and Phillipe climbing and hanging out. Great day out- the sky was so beautiful although we were off the side of the road in a quarry there were some great climbs. 

And lets not forget - Happy Worldwide Earth Day today :) (22nd of April)!