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Over the last 3 months I have been collecting various stories, tips and inspiration from the internet to help inspire my photography and develop myself through research, learning and most importantly getting inspired. This is a blog post which sums up some cool stories, lighting techniques, editing and tips in hopes that it helps you or inspires you like it has done me.

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Joe McNally Lighting - Using Off Camera and TTL Flash

I mainly use an off camera flash in my shots for weddings, and environmental portraiture. Once you get the flash off your camera your life will change.. In this short video Joe McNally shares a great deal of information pertaining to both TTL flash lighting as well as adapting to a situation and using natural light. (Reposted from

Asher Svidensky's work of 13 year old eagle huntress in Mongolia

A photographer who snapped what could be the world's only girl hunting with a golden eagle says watching her work was an amazing sight. Reposted from news site this lovely article is one of grace, beauty and tradition . If you get a chance to read it do so its stunning.

A selection of great tutorials from the internet which can be applied to any shoot:

(From Recover Shadow Detail in Photoshop
(From A Simple Technique for Matching Tones and Correcting Colors in Photoshop.

(From Processing Fuji X-T1RAW files to Black and White with SEP2 and Lightroom 5.4. This may not be specific to canon or nikon users but I've taken some  of the beta and can apply it to my own workflow. Another great programme for B&W is alien skin.

Aaron Huey is a photographer for National Geographic whose Instagram account, @argonautphoto, has more than 160,000 followers. On Monday, during a weeklong stint as guest editor of The New Yorker’s Instagram feed, Huey announced that for the next 24 hours he would be offering prints of his Instagram photos for $100 each.

The sale drove a huge volume of traffic to Huey’s website — so much that it crashed the site, forcing him to extend the sale by a day. In the end, he says he sold more than $10,000 worth of prints and decided to let the offer stand indefinitely.

Is Instagram changing the sale of photography? Poses an interesting question!

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As the title indicates, this is aimed specifically at mountain bike videos, but it could easily be applied to just about just about every extreme sports athlete BTS video you’ll find online. It’s even spot on for BTS videos of action sports photographers.

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The 60 Most Powerful Photos Ever Taken That Perfectly Capture The Human Experience

This incredible collection of moments represents the joy, innocence, despair, curiosity, has been making it's rounds on the internet. No matter where we’re from, these are the emotions that unite us – it’s what makes us human.  Its a great photo-story for budding photojournalists out there. (Reposted from

A  couple of  great tutorial and resource sites:

Lighting, shoot concepts and reasonably priced tutorials:

Zach Arias's Blog cum resource center for all things awesome, lighting, research, technical stuff and more

If you have any more to add to the list feel free to comment here!

Takes Stunning Portraits With Real Animals- Russian Photographer Katerina Plotnikova

What you’re about to see is not Photoshop – Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova created these stunning images with the help of real live animals! She is only the latest in a line of excellent surreal photographers reposted by Bored Panda, but her unique choice of models brings her amazing compositions to the next level.

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Two cool and compelling anti-camera commercials which ironically make you want to buy the camera...

India’s Holy Men In Powerful Portraits
By New York-Based Photographer Joey L

This stunning set of portraits by Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L puts you face to face with religious ascetics who have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of spiritual liberation.

Most of the portraits focuses on aghori, a sect known for engaging in postmortem rituals such as covering themselves in human ashes, meditating on corpses or crafting jewelry from human bones. “The Aghori have a profound connection with the dead. Death is not a fearsome concept, but a passing from the world of illusion,” says the photographer. Joey’s travel companion, filmmaker Cale Glendening, also managed to capture enough behind-the-scenes footage to turn it into a beautiful documentary film called “Beyond,” which you can see here by clicking on the image below. It's a whole 42 minutes but definitely worth the watch.

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A Series of Beautiful yet Haunting Images from Darren Moore

Long exposure photographer Darren Moore‘s beautiful series is a reminder of taking your time in photography. Using ND filters that block out the majority of the light entering the lens, he’s able to keep the camera’s shutter open for anywhere between 30 seconds and 15+ minutes to capture each individual shot.

The resulting images show an ethereal, haunted world of shipwrecks and dilapidated piers made all the more ghostly by the completely flat water and moody cloud cover that defines much of his work.

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In this short documentary/experiment, photographer Abraham Joffe and a few of his esteemed photographic friends set out to see if technology had finally shrunken down and advanced to the point where the terms photographer and videographer could essentially become one and the same.

 The real question they wanted to answer was whether 4K video and the Canon 1D C could really produce similar still image results to, say, the 5D, when put in the hands of professional photogs in standard photography situations. They shot a wedding, a fashion shoot and a day at the zoo, and all in all it seems that the answer, once the prints were in hand and scrutinized, was an overwhelming “yes”.

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Breathtaking Time-Lapse Captures the City, Culture and Landscape of Doha, Qatar

Coming from one of the masters of time-lapse photography, “Welcome to Doha,” by Michael Shainblum is a brilliant piece of work that shows off the beautiful capital of Qatar as only Shainblum can.

For the making of this project, Shainblums flew to Doha with the goal of capturing not only the environment around him, but the culture as well. Months worth of meticulously planning out the details ensured that once his week of shooting came around, things would go as smoothly as possible.

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