Letting Go

Over the last week I was lucky enough to get an opportunity to head up to Salma Plateau in Oman. A 3 hour drive from Muscat, past fin's beach with a diversion to a beautiful sink hole; Read, myself, Dan and Monica dropped down into the 7th Hole through 4 chambers to be greeted by a huge main chamber boasting an awesome 110m descent. We abseiled our way down with intention to climb up back the way we came.

Photo Taken by Read Macadam at the Sink Hole 

Read at the entrance to the 7th Hole.

Dan and Read pointing out a line.

There is some beautiful light in the caves

Read getting the rope ready for us to abseil down.

Read- a close friend of mine and a sponsored Traks Pro climber lead the way. It was great to get the camera out and catch him in action. I used a canon 6D and a 10-20 tamron lens with an off camera flash for some of the shots. Lighting big spaces is hard but interesting...and with a bit more time I think there are some epic, epic shots to take. I can't wait to get back into the cave before it gets too hot- (o wait it's a beautiful 19 degrees celsius all year around... YES!) 


The 7th Hole is definitely a special place- some where Read spent a lot of time filming the "Climb into the light" project with Adidas Outdoor ( set to be released in summer 2014), so it was a real honour to capture him in his element and watch him do this thing. I'm sure you'll see some of these shots on his blog and website very soon (www.readmacadam.com).

It's been a great week here down in Oman, a terrific place with lots of photo ops, great people and good energy..there is also something so innate about getting outdoors, clearing your mind, letting go and hopefully I will be brave enough to do jump into the sink hole like Read did! 


Until next time

x T