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I recently did a shoot for Optimal Fitness gym in Dubai and was asked to take some action shots for a print/poster campaign that acts as promotion for the gym's personal trainers. The main themes were; urban playground, building blocks, dark, playful, technical, foundations, whilst focusing on the what the PT's were good at. 

First off was the location - an abandoned building to give the feel of deconstruction and the urban-esque feel. I had a style in mind and used two Profoto B1's for the main shoot with a beauty dish and soft box. I also used my usual 6D with a Sigma 24-70mm lens. The Profoto B1 lights are great, really great- provided by hot&cold rental they are wireless off camera strobes with battery packs included in the heads, super light and are a steal for a day's rental. The light levels are controlled by a single trigger which sits on your hot shoe- really handy if you don't have an assistant. 

The PT I shot was Sam Kelway. Talented, young, and fit he competes in the U20's GB Althetics team- a newbie to Dubai and just joined the Optimal Fitness Gym- he mentioned his background in running and athletics. I immediately knew the type of shot I was looking for. ( Well two shots- a crisp frame of him taking off from a hand made starting block which we put together and a composite of him box jumping in 3 parts pictured below).

We walked around the vast location looking for a couple of good spaces to shoot and went to work. Overall I was fairly happy with the shots given the constraints of looming security and a burst sewage pipe! ( I am my own worst critic).  A work in progress- you saw it here first!

When we were about to leave the building I managed to get a couple of quick shots of Sam standing in front of this no exit sign (pictured below) which I thought was a pretty cool profile picture of him. Using only the available light, cropped in post, adjusting of the curves, levels and part saturation I think it's not a half bad effort. It goes to show - never pack your camera away before you leave a location as there is always an awesome shot around the corner! 

Sam Kelway U20 National British Althetics Team Photographed by Tara Atkinson 2014