Bad Ass Brides and Real Weddings

I recently saw some great wedding photography on - (which by the way is an amazing site to subscribe to on facebook if your into photography and video).

Based in Philadelphia, Allebach Photography takes photos of weddings - nothing out of the norm you would think when you hear the name, however when you scroll through the pictures you see how special they are. I can use the words 'real' or 'authentic' to describe his shots but it doesn't do them justice. Each one of the couples he shoots including the guests seem incredibly relaxed, at ease and in the moment, not to mention being totally bad ass and tattooed! Mike himself (who runs the photography getup) is also fairly alternative- having a background in rock music, (I'm sure he's also got a sleeve or two) and is described as; "The Original Tattooed Bride Photographer”.



In PetaPixels' interview with him he mentions;

"In the end, what I do isn’t about photography, photos or tattooed brides … it’s a passion to show everyone their story is important. Some people apologize for not being cool enough or for not having tattoos.

Then I realize they are my kind of person. All I ask is that you show your true colors. Your story matters. Your story is worth telling. So let’s take some photos…". 

Overall I really connected with Allebach's photos and why he does it. His images are inspiring, have great composition and moment, and what I noticed most about his client feedback, is that each couple feel like he's one of them. I think that being off-beat isn't about being cool or tattooed, it's about being yourself and doing your own thing, and I hope that I can inject some of Mike's wedding mantra into my future projects.

The original post; Allebach Photography's "Bad ass brides" was through petapixel which is defiantly worth sharing.

Check it out here:

Rock on!

Tara x