The Search

First of- thank you so much for visiting my photography site and landing on my blog. I really appreciate it and hope that a few of my images inspired you!

My website has been a long time coming, an amazing journey to get here, and I've been lucky enough to have received support and encouragement from some truly amazing people over the years. So, based on my own journey to get where I am today, the theme for my first blog post is "The Search".

This morning I woke up and as usual I scrolled through my own never ending facebook feed hoping I would find something funny or inspiring to start the day with. ( I try not to stay too long on the babies and wedding posts...apparently facebook's algorithms see me fit to start settling down).

On my own search, I stumbled across an amazing video of two fearless russians Vadim Makhorov and Vitaliy Raskalov scaling the Shanghai Tower (still under construction). Upon its completion in 2014, Shanghai Tower will stand approximately 632 metres (2,073 ft) high and will have 121 storeys. They climbed not only to the top, but to the end of a crane that currently sits atop the roof. The views were gut wrenchingly incredible and their daredevil feat paid off as one of the most intense videos you will ever watch.

I wanted to share this post to point out that these guys travel all over the world in "search" of the tallest and most epic buildings to climb, video and photograph. Their risks are great but their pay offs are even greater. Some might call it stupid but I think it's incredibly inspiring. 

I think that what we can take from this, is with photography and video- to be the best you need to take some risks. For these guys its an extreme example but for instance; searching for that awesome location, sneaking in somewhere to get "that" shot or even just getting your subjects to do something you've never seen before. 

When it comes to my own journey within photography I try and keep a fresh perspective on "the search" and apply it to moments, location and subjects. At times I've found myself just searching, looking around and connecting with places I want to shoot and eventually it all fits together. There is so much potential on our own doorsteps that we miss and with a bit of risk I'm sure it will pay off! 

My own contribution to this theme is based on some personal work I did; a self portrait taken last year when the hard rock cafe in Dubai was still standing. It's nothing in comparison to the Vadim and Vitaliy but hey- it's a start.

Happy searching!